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Facebook Live Events - CPotential

Join us for a series of Facebook Live Events throughout 2021. These interactive and convenient events have been created to help parents/carers discuss and learn clear information around common topics for families living with disabled children and young people.

By tuning in to these events on our @CPotentialTrust page on Facebook, you can learn more about the wide range of integrated holistic services we provide, upcoming exciting new technology and equipment and also how to address any issues or find answers to things that have never been explained clearly to you previously.

You can ask our expert clinicians or guest speakers questions in real-time, knowing that all of the answers remain on our Facebook page vidoes and YouTube channel for you to refer back to whenever you wish.

Upcoming events:


  • SDR surgery advice and guidance by Mr Kristian Aquilina, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Legal Advice Overview
  • Vibration Plate Therapy Overview
  • Mind in Haringey Counselling Service Overview


  • CIMT Service Overview
  • Online Services Overview
  • Speech and Language Therapy Overview


  • Serial Casting Service Overview
  • Conductive Education Overview
  • Music Therapy Overview

Catch up below on some of the interesting and informative topics we’ve covered: 

If there’s a topic you would like us to consider covering or any questions you’d like to ask us now, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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