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When trying to identify the right care and support for your child, you may require further professional legal, financial and educational advice and guidance.

We’re delighted to introduce our partnership with Irwin Mitchell, which will signpost you to a highly experienced team offering legal and financial advice to support you and your family.

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We’re very proud to be working in partnership with CPotential to provide support and guidance to their families and to help protect what matters most.

If your child has cerebral palsy, we understand the impact this will have on your life and the complex needs that your child will have. Our expert legal and financial teams can offer guidance and advice on a wide range of areas. These include:

  • Family law
  • Education
  • Medical negligence
  • Future planning, including financial assessments.

We also have dedicated Client Liaison Managers (CLMs) available to provide additional advice and support to all of our clients. Our CLMs provide links to local support networks and offer practical day-to-day advice for you and your family, as and when required.

And we have strong working relationships with wider professionals in care and rehabilitation to ensure you’re supported at every stage of your case and beyond.

We always offer free initial advice and will talk through your legal options so you can make an informed choice about how you wish to move forward.

As a national firm, we have a network of offices based across the country. We’ll always visit you and your family at a place of your choice.

For any legal, financial or educational advice, please get in touch with: 

Partner at Irwin Mitchell Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell

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“I’m delighted to be working with CPotential. Having acted for many years for children who suffer cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence, it’s always rewarding to see the enormous difference early rehabilitation can make to their quality of life. As well as providing a range of therapies for children, CPotential provides amazing support to families.” 

“The most rewarding part of the work we do is being able to support our clients to reach their potential, often pushing boundaries and exceeding all expectations. We’re delighted to join forces with CPotential to share this mutual goal. Together we can be an even stronger force to help our clients achieve great things.” 


Supporting you and your child

If your child lives with a disability or has suffered from a serious injury or illness, the emotional and physical impact can be life-changing. Irwin Mitchell can help you access the best medical care, rehabilitation and support.

Irwin Mitchell is the largest dedicated medical negligence law firm in the UK and is top-tier ranked by independent legal directories.

Irwin Mitchell is also one of a select group of law firms who can obtain legal aid for cerebral palsy claims. This means you’ll receive full funding for an investigation into your case, and subsequent legal representation. If legal aid isn’t available, we’d explore other funding options where there’s no financial risk to you.

Download the ‘Supporting you and your child’ guide [PDF]


Supporting your child’s education

Boy doing math homeworkLiving with Special Educational Needs (SEN) means that you may face challenges every day before you even get to the school gates. SEN services in the UK are usually excellent and balanced to your child’s needs, but if those services fail, it can leave you unsure of where to turn.

Irwin Mitchell can help you with:

  • Ensuring your child’s needs are recognised by the school and/or local authority
  • Challenging schools or local authorities that fail to provide special educational needs support
  • Challenging SEN funding decisions
  • Securing funding for independent school placements including residential schools and colleges, therapeutic provision and 1:1 support
  • Bringing a claim if you’ve experienced disability discrimination
  • Accessing suitable school transport
  • Working with the school or college to help resolve any bullying by peers
  • Obtaining a home education package (such as an ABA programme)
  • Challenging the provision in EHC plans to obtain additional support for your child.

Download the ‘Supporting your child’s education’ guide [PDF]


Financial Health Check and Planning

If you’ve made a personal injury claim, you may need some help with your financial situation. The Irwin Mitchell experts are there to give you and your family all-round financial planning advice, both before your claim and after it’s finished.

When your entire world has turned upside down, Irwin Mitchell is there to answer whatever financial questions you might have.

Financial planners understand how much of an impact a serious injury or illness can have on your finances. You’ll be guided through adapting your finances to your situation, so you get stability and peace of mind while you make your claim. They’ll help you put your long-term plans back together so you can make informed decisions about your finances, both now and in the future.

Download the ‘Financial Health Check’ [PDF]


Join the Parent Carer Facebook Forum

Girl with family in physiotherapyIn partnership with Irwin Mitchell, we welcome you to join The Parent Carer Forum by Irwin Mitchell. This is a great platform to read and share lots of useful information between parents and carers living with disabled children.


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