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Parent cuddling child - courtesy of Gabe Pierce

Special People provide homecare and community support services to over 14 different Local Authorities and NHS trusts and work with private clients too.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission CQC, their dedicated placement teams are available for you to discuss your care needs. Along with their quality assurance and risk assessment team, they will create a personalised plan that suits you.

Founded in 1998, by Julie Skinner, a mother of a child with additional needs, at a time when services and attitudes towards children with disabilities were limited. Julie was frustrated by the lack of provision and availability of support tailored to meet both the child’s needs and that of the family.

As a teacher, parent and school governor with experience in social and youth work, Julie felt that she was well equipped to look at all aspects of support for a diverse range of people. She set up a policy of treating all clients as individuals which were amazingly innovative at the time.

Thanks to Julie and the team, Special People now have a wide range of support services, such as;

  • Homecare Support: supporting clients in their own homes, which allows them to remain independent, whilst receiving the help and care that they need
  • Overnight Care: supporting clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can rest assured that all of your needs are taken care of, no matter what time it is
  • Holiday Services: are you planning a holiday abroad, in the UK, or visiting from overseas? Dedicated support workers are able to assist you during your stay
  • Community Support: supporting service users to participate in the activities that they enjoy. This enables them to stay active within the community to avoid isolation
  • Supervised Contact: supervised contact allows children and parents to remain in contact during difficult times
  • Senior Care: supporting people in their senior years. This enables service users to remain in their own homes whilst receiving the help that they require on a daily basis.

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Parent with child - courtesy of Joice Kelly

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