Wellbeing Support for Parent Carers

Boy doing high five with mum infront of a sunset to promote CPotential and Connect In Wellbeing support for families.

We are delighted to have partnered with Charlie Lyons, Wellbeing Coach of Connect In, to deliver tailored support for parents and carers of children and young people with movement disorders.

Charlie is a Conductive Education Conductor by background and worked as a Conductor for CPotential many years ago. She has worked with parents and families for over 25 years and has been a certified coach for over a decade. Her extensive experience fuels her passion for creating opportunities for parent carers to access support for themselves, as their experiences and needs are often overlooked.

Charlie Lyons, Wellbeing Coach for CPotential parents and carerrs.

Why Wellbeing Matters

As a parent carer, your wellbeing is crucial.

You Might Be:

  • Early on in your journey, going through a diagnosis and trying to process all that has occurred.
  • Feeling the impact on your energy & wellbeing from all the appointments, therapy, and advocacy efforts required to get things in place for your child.
  • Balancing work while trying to find a sense of equilibrium with being a parent carer.

Wherever you are in your journey, Charlie will create the support package that’s right for you. These personalised sessions address the unique challenges and joys of parenting in such circumstances, empowering you to navigate the journey with resilience and grace.

What to Expect

Charlie’s sessions are crafted to offer a comforting sanctuary for you to pause and catch your breath. This space is dedicated entirely to you and your wellbeing. Through tailored techniques, Charlie guides you to rediscover your inner strength and uncover new avenues for growth.

How Does It Work?

This support usually consists of 1 assessment and 6 sessions over 3 months. These sessions can be face-to-face, virtual, or a hybrid of both.

Girl in Mollii Suit with Dad at CPotential

Additional Support

  • Parent Carer Support Groups: Click here to find out more.
  • Wellbeing Surgery Days: Offered periodically through the year, book a one-off 45-minute session to explore any wellbeing aspect as a parent carer. Previous parents have found these sessions invaluable for preparing for tricky meetings with professionals or schools or simply having some space to explore their own needs. Message Charlie to find out more.

Connect with Charlie

Charlie is always happy to connect with CPotential parent carers. If you are curious to find out more, get in touch with Charlie here to arrange a free meet and discovery call.

Funded Support

Previously, our wellbeing support for CPotential families was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund., but we are now in the process of seeking further funding.


Family feedback…

This wellbeing support has been absolutely necessary especially at the right time. Charlie had been awesome and would love to continue as it’s actually worked wonders for me. Thank you Charlie and CPotential I’m sure this wellbeing support has not only helped me as a parent with a disabled child it can be very challenging and this definitely helps to Center and give a different perspective on dealing with all we have to deal with.


Charlie is such a breath of fresh air, she is kind, patient and I have benefited enormously from the time we have spent together. As parents our well-being is always bottom of the list but Charlie provided me with the time, space and encouragement to reflect and take care of my emotional health. Thank you Charlie, I hope this is just the beginning

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