Rubi’s mum takes on Tough Mudder

23 September 2022

Little girl smiling and wishing mum luck in Tough Mudder

Rubi was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy – left-sided hemiplegia- in November 2020.  This was a massive shock to us all and took a long time to process.

I found CPotential last year and since our first assessment with them they have been brilliant in helping us.  They have made such a positive impact in our lives and have really helped Rubi make progress through the different therapies they offer. All the staff there are amazing and the work they do is incredible. Rubi and I have made friends through going there and this has been very comforting for us to have people in our lives going through the same/similar journeys.

Rubi loves going to physiotherapy because of how much fun she has there and this is due to how fun the therapists make it for her and the other children they work with.  It is so important for Rubi to feel like this because it will be a consistent part of her life now and the more she enjoys this and sees it’s as a fun thing in her life, the more she will associate working towards her goals through physiotherapy and other physical activities in a positive light. This is what CPotential has done for her at the start of her journey.

The skills I have always taken for granted picking up so easily are skills that Rubi will have to consistently work extremely hard at to learn and do to her best abilities, and this charity has given her an amazing start with building her confidence and encouraging her to fulfill her potential.

To help other children like Rubi, I have decided to take on the Tough Mudder Challenge to support CPotential. Can you help me to reach my target, or even exceed it by clicking here to make a donation. 

Thank you.

Sarah, mum of Rubi


Do you or a friend or family member fancy taking on a Tough Mudder and supporting children with movement disorders? Click here to find out more about Tough Mudder challenges

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