Sensory toys our Occupational Therapist loves

21 October 2021

Boy touching sensory mats

Our favourite sensory toys

Children with sensory processing issues experience too much or too little stimulation through their senses (find out more about sensory awareness and sensory issues in our Sensory Awareness Month blog). They may also have difficulty integrating sensory information, for example, things that they see and hear simultaneously, like a person speaking, might seem out of sync for them. This can impact their ability to focus or manage their arousal levels e.g. calming themselves down, waking themselves up and sitting to focus and learn.

Play-based strategies can often help children better process sensory information. Our Occupational Therapist, Paula, is qualified as a Sensory Integration practitioner and has used sensory-based strategies extensively. At our Centre in Muswell hill, we have a fully equipped sensory integration room for play-based sessions that challenge movement, balance and coordination.

Providing sensory-rich experiences is integral in helping your little one to make sense of and interact with the world around us. Our favourite sensory toys listed below are great for children to help stimulate the senses and are all widely available.

Top sensory toys to stimulate the senses:

Z vibe

Vibration can be a key tool in both stimulating and regulating a child. If a child chews on their clothes or grinds their teeth try using it starting by the child handling it and then on the outside of their jaw before placing it in their mouth.


Sensory stick

The sensory stick is an easy to handle toy for children to ‘warm up’ their hand skills in sessions. The glitter provides great visual stimulation for children to move the stick around in their hands which again helps hand skills


Gym ball

A gym ball can be like an OT department in itself. It’s a great piece of kit to support your child to be regulated (calm and focused). Children can bounce on it, roll over and under it.


Water beads

Water beads are great for tactile stimulation, and the bright colours often motivate children to handle. Try using them for hidden treasure games.


Light mirror

A light mirror is great visual feedback to get a child to focus and pay attention. Try sticking a light mirror on toys such as squidgies.


Find out more about Occpational Therapy at CPotential and how sensory integration is used in sessions. Please get in touch using the form below if you have any questions about sensory integration at CPotential.



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