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Using our Conductive Education approach, we can help identify your child’s developmental needs and work with you to enable their full potential.

We offer group sessions in a safe and supportive environment for parents of children with physical needs, engaging your child to achieve skills in the following important areas:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Self-Care (toileting, dressing, feeding)
  • Communication

Who are the sessions suitable for?

  • Children aged 2 ½ – 5 years old
  • Children with movement disorders due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or development delay.

If you are uncertain if your child would be suitable, still get in touch with us.

What happens during a session?

Our morning group sessions are held with a maximum of up to 4 children, with 1 parent accompanying each child.

These fun and interactive sessions cover a range of skills:

  • Social and Communication Skills – orientation, meet and greet, the weather and what is happening today
  • Applying Physical Skills – active transfers to other areas of the room and a group or individual Conductive Education activity
  • Fine Motor Skills – play session with ‘make and do’ and/or sensory stories
  • Self-Care Skills – snack time, toileting and dressing


When are the sessions?

Tuesday to Friday (morning)

Each session is half-hour but can be booked as a complete 2-hour session to cover all skill areas.

How much are the sessions?

£20 assessment – a one-off initial fee that provides access to all CPotential services.

£15 half-hour – each session can include any combination of the four areas (social and communication skills, applying physical skills, fine motor skills and and self-care skills)


How do I book a session? 

Get in touch to arrange an initial assessment or book a session.