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Who are these sessions for?

For children aged 0-18 years.

Sessions can be offered both face to face and online.


How can music therapy help my child?

Music therapy can be beneficial to children with a wide range of needs, conditions and difficulties. It can:

  • have a positive impact on children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development
  • give children new opportunities to express themselves, which leads to increased confidence and self-esteem.

Rhythm and music are tools for motivation, concentration and learning, and the skills that develop in music therapy often transfer to other areas of the child’s life.

Music therapy can be particularly relevant for children who communicate non-verbally as it enables them to learn how to express themselves in other ways.


What happens in the sessions?

Led by our qualified Music Therapist, we invite the children to engage in shared music-making. We base the sessions around the needs of each child and involve a combination of structured songs and free improvisation. We develop specific aims for each child to encourage them to reach their full potential and to support them in overcoming difficulties.


How long are the sessions?

Between 30-45 minutes, weekly on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Most music therapy sessions at CPotential are individual, with a small number of needs-led groups also running.


Should parents attend?

We often encourage parents/ carers to come along to the sessions with their children to enjoy supporting them to take part. But we may ask parents, on occasion, to wait outside the therapy room.


How much do the sessions cost?

£20 – Assessment. A one-off initial fee that provides access to all CPotential services.

£15 – Group Session

£45 – Individual Session


How do I book a session? 

Get in touch to book an assessment or a session.


We are very grateful to The Amy Winehouse Foundation for their generous support to our Music Therapy.