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In Rebound therapy we use a trampoline in a safe and comfortable environment to help children improve a range of physical and cognitive skills.

These fun sessions work well alongside Conductive Education, physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Who are the sessions for?

Our one-to-one sessions are suitable for children aged up to 15 who have physical and/or learning disabilities. Rebound therapy is not suitable for children with certain conditions, including detaching retina, atlanto-axial instability (AAI), dwarfism, brittle bones or spinal rodding. 

We ask that a parent attends the session with their child. The instructor may ask you to assist as a ‘spotter’, standing at the side of the trampoline.

How will Rebound therapy help my child?

Use of the trampoline is a fun experience and provides an opportunity to help your child’s:

  • posture
  • core stability and balance
  • movement
  • muscle tone
  • fitness and exercise tolerance
  • relaxation
  • concentration skills
  • communication skills
  • confidence.

Our trained instructors will devise a Rebound therapy plan tailored to meet the child’s individual capabilities and needs. The aim is to help the child gradually increase their range of movement on the trampoline, whether that’s lying, sitting, standing or bouncing.  We record the child’s progress each week using an internal evaluation tool.

How long is a session?

30 minutes (depending on the child’s individual needs) once a week during term time.

How much is Rebound therapy?

£20 per session, to be booked in term blocks.

How do I book a session?

To book a Rebound therapy session, get in touch to arrange a free informal assessment. 


Case stydy of boy using Rebound Therapy