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We are delighted to be partnering with Charlie from Connect In to create some tailor-made wellbeing packages. Charlie has been working in the field of Conductive Education & special needs education and for over 20 years, providing courses and coaching programmes for parents whose wellbeing has been affected and who are wishing to grow in some way in work and/or life.


Who are Wellbeing courses suitable for?


Having a child with special needs and going through the process of finding a diagnosis is no easy experience. Often it causes us to disconnect from ourselves. We go into survival mode because we have to, we need to just get on and focus on our child and their health and support. This serves an important purpose yet if we stay in this place for too long it has an impact on us:

We can forget to take care of ourselves
We can forget about our own needs and wants
We can end up deeply exhausted and find it challenging to respond to energy highs & lows
We can feel overwhelmed with an array of emotions
We can forget who we are outside of being a parent of a child with a special need
We can feel isolated and disconnect from the other relationships in our lives

We have created some wellbeing support to meet you where you are. These courses and support are designed to bring you back to yourself because when you are thriving, so is your child.


How can Wellbeing courses help me?

Charlie is offering a free one hour call to discuss your wellbeing, offer helpful advice and give more information about what’s included in the wellbeing programme. There is no obligation to create a wellbeing programme after you’ve had the initial call. So please get in touch with Charlie to find out more.

After the initial conversation with Charlie, if you would like to go ahead with the Wellbeing Course, you will have a programme designed just for you. The programme will focus on recharging your batteries, bringing you back to yourself so you can recreate what’s most important for you and your family going forward.


How much do Wellbeing courses cost?


Right now, we are offering free 1-hour wellness calls. During a chat with Charlie you can find out about available support & receive some useful advice & tips for your wellbeing that you can start now.

The Wellbeing courses include support & 6 sessions for 3 months packed with resources & value.

With a 30% introductory offer available now.

Get in touch with Charlie to find out more and book your assessment