Summer Intensive Therapy – 29th July to 23rd August 2024

29 February 2024

Summer Intensive Therapy at CPotential

Join us at CPotential for Intensive Therapy during the Summer Holidays:

  • Weeks 1 and 2 – Monday 29th July to Friday 9th August
  • Weeks 3 and 4 – Monday 12th August to Friday 23rd August.

Summer intensives are generally 10-day blocks, that will start on either 29th July or 12th August. However, if you are hoping to book a shorter block, or non-consecutive weeks/days, these requests will still be reviewed and we will confirm this availability closer to the start of the intensives. Please explain your preferences in the form below.

We’ll apply a 20% discount when 5 consecutive days of the same therapy type are booked (*subject to availability). Available services are:

  • Boy in robotic wearable device called ATLAS 2030 ExoskeletonATLAS Exo (robotic exoskeleton) – New at CPotential!
  • Physiotherapy (Spider, Galileo vibration plates, LiteGait, iJoy, Treadmill training, Therasuit, and more)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • CIMT/Upper Limb Therapy/Bimanual Skills and Functional Hand Skills
  • DMI (Dynamic Movement Intervention)
  • Conductive Education (individual sessions only)
  • Music Therapy.

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Our wide range of integrated intensive therapies can improve:

  • Functional and self-care skills for everyday activities, such as walking, dressing and eating.
  • Interaction and engagement
  • Muscle strength and balance
  • Coordination and motor planning
  • Body awareness and sensory processing
  • Communication skills.

New to CPotential?

If you are new to our services, you’ll need to come and see us for an initial assessment (£45 fee) so please register as soon as possible and we’ll send you our pre-assessment form to complete.

All appointments take place at CPotential, 143 Coppetts Road, London N10 1JP.

How to Register

Please complete our short form below and our team will be in contact soon to discuss your registration.

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