Support our nocturnal cyclist Sabrina

17 May 2017


Andreas and I live in Hackney. We have five grandchildren, the youngest of whom is Alexander, aged two and a half. He attends Early Intervention sessions at CPotential.

We want to fundraise for CPotential because we think that the Centre is a unique and wonderful place. It gives children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions the best possible start in life through its Conductive Education programme.

Where else would Alexander have got one-to-one treatment week after week from such skilled and dedicated Conductors?

The Centre has been the lifeline that we all needed to help Alexander start walking – and now almost running! You can read all about him here.

Andreas and I have always cycled to work, to the park etc and recently completed a ten-day cycle trip in Cyprus. We find Central London isn’t usually a great place to cycle because of all the traffic. So we’re looking forward to the 50K Nightrider when most car users will be tucked up in bed, and we’ll be in the company of lots of other cyclists.

We’re hoping to raise lots of money for CPotential – so please visit our Justgiving page. I’m not sure how much money we will raise – obviously the more the better!

And if you want to join us in Team CPotential there’s still time to register. Check out how here.


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