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If you don’t fancy taking part in the London Marathon or Royal Parks Half Marathon, you could challenge yourself by completing a charity tough mudder, triathlon, group expedition or swimming race in aid of CPotential. There are loads of great websites with details about events that you can enter and complete in aid of your chosen charity. Here are a few to get you started:

Charity Challenge

Tough Mudder

Global Adventure Challenges

Time Outdoors

Action Challenge

You don’t have to be limited by pre-organised challenge events, you could create your own and fundraise for CPotential. If you’re a keen runner, cyclist or walker, set yourself a distance challenge and a limited time to complete it in, like cycling from Land’s End to John O Groats in a week, and ask people to sponsor you to complete the challenge.

Or, if you’ve got a need for speed, you could set yourself a time trial challenge and ask people to sponsor you to complete a certain distance in a set time. It doesn’t have to just be limited to cycling, running or walking, you could decide to ask for sponsorship to hop on one leg non-stop for an hour. Or dance continuously for a few hours – this could be a great one for the whole family to get involved with! Or if you’re a real chatterbox, how about a sponsored silence?

Have fun with everyone and ask for a small donation to be made to your JustGiving Page.

How do I set up my own challenge for charity?

Simply set up a JustGiving Page, enter details about your challenge, why you have chosen to fundraise for CPotential and you’re ready to go!

Spread the word and let all of your family and friends know, shout about it on social media and keep people updated about your progress.

Good luck and happy fundraising!

Download our Challenge Fundraising Pack for more inspiration and all of the information you need to complete a successful charity challenge event.


Please get in touch if you would like any support with your fundraising challenge.

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