Gift in your Will

Boy in physiotherapy with therapists at CPotential

Empower children and young individuals with movement disorders to embrace a brighter future by including a provision in your Will.

Child with physiotherapist at CPotentialYour legacy gift ensures that we can extend our support to as many families as possible and broaden the scope of services we provide.

Without government funding, we rely on voluntary contributions, grants, and legacies to sustain our crucial services. Your support will directly impact the lives of children and young people who depend on our support.

If you’re considering leaving a gift to CPotential, thank you! We are so grateful. Your generosity will help pave the way for disabled children to continue developing the skills necessary to fulfill their potential.

As you plan your Will, we encourage prioritising the wellbeing of your loved ones first, then considering a contribution to CPotential with whatever remains.

For any questions regarding legacy giving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Girl in physiotherapy session walking at CPotential


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