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Create a brighter tomorrow for children and young people with movement disorders by leaving a gift in your Will

Girl making animal shaped biscuitsLeaving a gift in your Will, otherwise known as a legacy, will give us the funds we need to support as many families as possible and expand the range of services we can offer. We do not receive any Government funding so depend on voluntary donations, grants and legacies to keep providing our vital range of services. By supporting our work, you will make a real and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people who rely on our services.

If you’re thinking of leaving a gift to CPotential, thank you. Our guide is here to make it easy to write or edit your Will, with steps to follow to save you some time. You can also read about how your gift will make a difference.

When writing your Will, we always recommend that you look after your loved ones first, then just leave us what’s leftover.

Through your generosity, you’ll be helping many disabled children today – and tomorrow – gain the skills they need to achieve their potential.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please get in touch today.

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