Tell your MP to help reform disabled children’s services

27 April 2022

Child singing in therapy session

Too many families with disabled children are fighting tooth and nail to get the equipment, care and other services they’re entitled to.

As a result, three in ten disabled children are experiencing more pain as their support is delayed or reduced. Two thirds of disabled children have seen their emotional or mental health deteriorate due to not getting the right support.

Father and child communicatingThis has to change.

The government has announced a consultation with proposals to reform disabled children’s services, in a document called the ‘SEND Green Paper’. Alarmingly, some of the proposals could further restrict disabled children and carers receiving support, and create extra barriers in the system.

What is in the SEND Green Paper?

Join the Disabled Children’s Partnership’s (DCP) #SENDABetterMessage campaign, and tell your MP that we demand a fairer system of support for every disabled child.

The DCP is running a virtual parliamentary event, hosted by Mary Foy MP, on 17 June 2022 to bring the voices of disabled young people and parent carers directly to politicians. You can also use this action to invite your MP to this event.

Click here to join the DCP #SENDABetterMessage campaign

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