We’re behind you: Barnet drama group sprinkle fairy dust at CPotential

12 July 2018

(l-r): Howard Struckwick, Jo Honigmann (bottom centre), Head of School Finn Emmerson, Lynne Tyson with children and staff from Woodstar School


We were delighted to welcome two members of Barnet’s The Warren amateur dramatic group to our Centre today.

Lynne Tyson, The Warren’s Chairman, and Howard Struckwick, Financial Consultant, presented a cheque for £2,165 to Jo Honigmann, CEO of CPotential.

Lynne said: “Every year we’re proud to donate our profits to small local charities who are in need of funds. We are delighted to donate to CPotential and Woodstar School. It’s been so rewarding visiting you today to meet the children and to see the wonderful work you do.”

“We raised the money from audiences who came to our pantomime Rapunzel at the Wyllyotts Centre and our recent musical show at the Bull Theatre in Barnet.”

Lynne and Howard met the children and teaching team at our school, and were very interested to learn about what we offer and our plans for the future.

Jo said, “This is a wonderful surprise and we’re so grateful to everyone at The Warren and their audiences for their generosity. We’ll be using the funds to support our Learning for Living activities to help children with movement disorders achieve their potential.”

And a quick plug: You can help support The Warren by booking tickets for their next great family show ‘Beauty the Pantomime’ at the Wyllyotts Theatre Potters Bar in January 2019.

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