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4 June 2018

Volunteers Week logo


Volunteers Week logo


It’s Volunteers Week 2018 and we want to say a Big CPotential Thank You to the wonderful people who give up their time to help in our shops and school.

Spending a few hours a week with us is a great way to really make a difference.

You can learn about how we support disabled children, see how a charity works, meet lots of different people, and, in the process, pick up some handy job skills and experience. Whether you’re young and doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award or not so young but with some time to spare we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s what some of our volunteers say:



Hi, I’m Jack. I’m 19 and currently on a gap year before uni so I decided to do some volunteering with CPotential.

I work one day a week in the Crouch End shop and two days with the Fundraising Team in the Centre. All the staff are friendly and there’s a relaxed fun atmosphere (a nice thing if you haven’t volunteered before).

I think I’ve gained valuable work experience from dealing with people coming in with donations or customers in the shop to developing my IT skills (plus a bit of old-fashioned paper filing!) in the office.

I’ve also helped in other ways – taking videos of children at their Mollii suit assessments, helping at lunchtimes and sitting in a music therapy session. It’s been really interesting and rewarding to see how the Centre works with the children and helps them develop.  Plus I’ve signed up to join Team CPotential in the Westminster British 10K Run in July.

This range of experience has in turn helped me gain some paid part-time work as well, as employers have recognized that I can bring some useful skills and confidence.

I’d definitely recommend volunteering here as it’s a great environment plus it will look on your CV or UCAS!


Juliette painting with a pupil


Hello, I’m Juliette.

I’ve been volunteering with CPotential for about five years. I live near the Centre and wanted to do so voluntary work so this was perfect.

I come in once a week at lunchtime to help look after the children at the charity’s Woodstar School and nursery. I help them tuck into their lunches and then read a story or listen to one of the children reading out loud. I generally help out the teachers where needed.

I love being with the children. I’m in awe of them as they progress and overcome challenges, and they constantly surprise me. Being at CPotential I’ve learnt how to support and work with children who have complex challenges. And that patience and perseverance can pay off, that you can communicate in many different ways.




I’m Jasper and I’m 17.

I started volunteering with CPotential as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award last year. I work in the shops once a week but I’ve also got involved with the marketing and fundraising teams, helping with setting up for an event and also editing videos about the Mollii suit (we offer free assessments for people to try this assistive device).

In the shop I sort the stock, test donated musical instruments (including violins and brass) to check that they work, check that donations have all their parts and arrange things on display.

It’s rewarding when you’ve sorted the donations coming in, put them out and then see customers looking at them, even better, buying something. I enjoy working as part of the team, and I think we’re achieving something really useful together. Adam, who oversees the shops, and my manager and the other staff I’ve worked with are great.

I’ve learnt that the stuff that people might typically throw away has a value. Also, that an amazing amount of work goes on behind the scenes with hours of careful planning to be able to run both the charity and the shops.

I’d recommend volunteering with CPotential to other young people.  I’m looking forward to continuing my volunteering here (and getting my Gold DoE Award!)


Hi, I’m Hana. I’m 13.

I’ve been volunteering at CPotential’s Crouch End shop for six months now on Mondays as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

I help keep the shelves well stocked and tidy. I like being able to create new displays and helping customers. My favourite shelves are the books and toys.

Helping in the shop has helped me understand how important charities are in helping people in the community, what it’s like to work in a shop and what a professional atmosphere is like.

I’ve learnt how important it is to work as part of a team and I think it’s improved my organizational skills and being confident to speak to customers. For example, I was busy arranging the toys and games when one lady asked me if I could help her pick some fun books for her children.  I really enjoyed that as I was able to help a customer using my knowledge of the books in the shop.

I’d like to carry on volunteering with CPotential to get my Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold Awards.




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