Well done, well run!

26 April 2018

LOndon Marathon logo with photos of our 3 runners.

LOndon Marathon logo with photos of our 3 runners.

Huge thanks to our amazing Marathon Trio – Deborah Shepherd, Tom Broome and Tim Hammett.

They all finished the race in good times (under 5 hours)  on what was the hottest London Marathon day ever.

Deborah said: “It was really good fun – and obviously very warm!”

Tom said: “Running alongside a ‘Peppa Pig’ was interesting! Running (not literally) into Debbie was fun too. Considering there were 40,000 people, it was amazing we found each other. The Marathon was tough, both mentally and physically, but the spectators were so supportive and the whole day so celebratory. The burst of ecstasy as you cross the line is something quite special too – before the pain and exhaustion kicks in!”

There’s still time to show your support through their fundraising pages – all proceeds going towards our services to help disabled children achieve their potential.



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