Wellbeing and Support Group for Parent Carers

15 March 2024

Lady meditating on the bed with a laptop. Connect In Wellbeing and Support Group for Parent Carers

Are you a parent carer/care giver of a child with special needs who is yearning for a bit of space and reconnection with yourself?

Come and join Charlie Lyons, Wellbeing and Development Coach of Connect In to reconnect, refuel and resource. Starting April 2024.

Charlie has been supporting parents with their wellbeing for over 10 years. With 20 years experience of working with children and families with special needs, she knows all too well the added strain on the wellbeing of parent carers.

The purpose of the Wellbeing & Support Group is to gift you:

  • Some space
  • Guide your reconnection
  • Share resources and wisdom
  • Plug into the power of the ‘parent carer’ community.

Free taster session – Wednesday March 27th at 8.30pm – 9.30pm – Register here

During these supportive online group sessions, you will:

  • Wellbeing courtesy of Sage FriedmanGet to sit back, relax and reconnect through guided mindfulness and meditation techniques.
  • Explore some thoughts on parent carer wellbeing.
  • Connect and share (if you want to) in a safe, confidential and small setting with other parent carers.

What you’ll need during the sessions

  • Just yourselves really, but if that’s not possible, children can be present.
  • Access to a computer, phone or tablet to join the group, and you may like to have a pad and pen handy.
  • Find a comfy, private space and have to hand all that you need for the one hour.

When will the group take place?

Every week for one hour during term time – beginning in April, after the school easter holidays.

How much does it cost?

Free taster session – Wednesday March 27th at 8.30pm – 9.30pm – Register here

Try the first one for free, then just like a kids club you sign up and pay for each half term. It’s a club for you!

  • £50 per half term (Less than £10 per session) – paid via invoice for bank transfer on sign up.

This rate is provided so it’s accessible and less financially impactful if sessions are missed for appointments etc.

Register here and complete the short registration form.

Please spread the word to other parent carers who you feel would benefit.

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