Wellbeing Partnership with Connect In

2 March 2021

Charlie Lyons Connect In Wellbeing Coaching

We’ve just partnered with Charlie Lyons from Connect In to offer some tailor-made wellbeing packages. Charlie has been working in the field of Conductive Education, therapy & special needs education for over 20 years, providing courses and coaching programmes for parents whose wellbeing has been affected and who are wishing to grow in some way in work and/or life.

10 years ago, Charlie trained in NLP and qualified as both an Integral & Generative coach. She also holds a qualification for coaching with the Enneagram.

When asked about the partnership, Charlie said ” I am really excited to be offering Wellbeing & Development services to the parents & families at CPotential. In fact, it feels a little like returning home! My first job out of university was at CPotential. After further training and outreach work, I spent 12 years at The Pace Centre working in training and development.  In all of my roles, I very much wanted to be able to provide more support for parents in terms of their wellbeing & growth so, after 20 years, I left to establish my own business Connect In with the mission of supporting parents to be well & grow. So now to be able to offer these services in a setting that I know & understand feels quite special indeed.”

Being well as a parent is a must yet often not a given. The challenge of being a parent with a child with special needs adds another layer of complexity to wellbeing.

These Wellbeing Courses and Programmes provide the space for you to reconnect, learn tools to get your wellbeing back on track and keep it and grow in ways you want to but maybe haven’t been able to do as yet.

Find out more about our Wellbeing Courses and how to get in touch with Charlie. 

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