Kidz to Adultz Virtual Exhibition – 3pm Tuesday 2nd March

26 February 2021

Kidz to Adultz Disabled Living

Join us at 3pm on Tuesday 2nd March at the virtual Kidz to Adultz Disabled Living Exhibition.

We will be playing a short video highlighting a range of our rehabilitation services and support for families, and will be available for questions during a live Q&A from 3pm to 3.30pm.

Clinical Services Manager, Orsi Farkas will be on hand to offer advice and guidance and address any issues or concerns you have.

Venue to Virtual is dedicated to children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs, their parents, carers, and the professionals who support them right across the UK and much further afield. This free virtual event takes place over 3 days (Monday 1st March to Wednesday 3rd March 2021), and provides access to information from a wide range of exhibitors, companies, voluntary and support organisations.

All information and videos are available to view and download until the 31st March so you can refer back to anything at any time during the month.

There is also the opportunity to take part in live polls and competitions!

Register for free to attend Kidz to Adultz here

Please do spread the word to others you feel may benefit.

We look forward to those questions.

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